Your Shield Against Digital Threats

Empowering Cybersecurity with Advanced API Solutions

Unlock the full potential of blockchain analytics and digital security with StaySafeCrypto’s API services. We offer an unparalleled depth of insight into the digital and blockchain landscapes. Our suite of API solutions equips businesses and cybersecurity professionals with the tools needed to identify and mitigate a spectrum of digital threats efficiently. Our advanced solutions cater to diverse needs, from blockchain transactions to dark web surveillance.


Threat Monitoring

Comprehensive Onchain Data

Dive deep into the blockchain ecosystem with real-time analytics on Ethereum and Bitcoin. Track transactions, identify phishing attempts, and uncover crypto addresses linked to pigbutchering and other sophisticated scams.

Crypto Address Analysis

Harness the power of StaySafeCrypto's APIs for live tracking of online threats, including phishing URLs and compromised crypto addresses. Real-time exchange address monitoring provides a way to analyze wallet addresses for potentially fraudulent past activity as soon as they interact with a known exchange wallet address or smart contract.

Blockchain Insights and Analytics

Gain insights into Ethereum and Bitcoin wallet addresses, including exchange interactions and known attribution to deceptive activities. Verify the legitimacy of crypto addresses, distinguishing between secure transactions and those tied to online fraud.

Deceptive URLs and Domain Filtering

Deceptive URL Detection

Leverage our offchain intelligence to pinpoint and analyze deceptive websites. Our robust database is continuously updated to reflect the latest phishing threats and fraudulent domains underpinning deceitful and deceptive activity on the blockchain using cryptocurrency.

Dark Web Exposure

Explore our onchain and offchain capabilities to detect and assess digital assets' dark web exposure. Find out if a crypto wallet address or email address has been found on the dark web by StaySafeCrypto's deep web crawler.

Active URL Monitoring & Web Analysis

Identify and evaluate websites, pinpointing phishing threats and other deceptive practices within the cryptocurrency domain. Our systems consume millions of website records per month and analyze them for potentially fraudulent activity. Leverage StaySafeCrypto’s API to find out if a domain has been flagged as deceptive, or to actively analyze the website for probable involvement in cryptocurrency scams.

Crypto Address Finder

Our API services offer powerful tools for determining whether cryptocurrency addresses are connected to deceptive websites. This crucial insight aids in protecting against fraud and ensuring secure transactions on the blockchain.